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5 Sep 2014

Hardware problem is a bit different, they are can be more costly than software error problem. While you can do it yourself common problem like antivirus and spyware update or disk defragment to make your PC run smooth and fast or more savvy with cleaning registry, automatic restart, corrupt files and more. The hardware area is a little bit different. Most in case is only have solution by replacing it with new one.

And this is disaster for us if we don’t have any preparation for that worst case scenario that we never wanted to be happen.

Software and Hardware have connection to make problem. While software can create lots of files that fulfill any space in our hard drives with really unimportant things, make our RAM working harder than before. This can make them need more power. And lots of power mean higher temperature. Heat than can be abnormal or called as overheat.


When this things happen and happen again. Your RAM and hard drive can be broken. The first things you feel is they are working slower than usual. Before they are really dead.

Another harmful things is electric. A short electric connection can be really harmful for our hardware parts. They are extremely dangerous not only for our computer parts but also can be a seed of fire.

Proper maintenance can fix it and make your hardware live longer. You can do a cleaning action on your CPU, disconnect the power and also disconnect all parts from motherboard. Clean it individually from dust and anything on that area. And place it all again to turn on the computer. Then you can remove any files and software that you never used. For external knowledge you can check the onsite computer repairs melbourne.

That can be really helpful to make your PC performance always on top. To do that you need time and simple tools like screw drivers and mini vacuum cleaner.

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